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A seductive blend of whipped cream, coffee and orange zest in a refreshing twist
Strong coffee
60 ml
100 ml
Whipping cream (33% milk fat)
50 ml
Vanilla syrup
20 ml
Cinnamon, Orange zest, Ice
Step-by-step recipe
01/ Make a strong coffee
02/ Put 3–4 ice cubes into a shaker
03/ Pour the coffee into the shaker
04/ Add the milk
05/ Add the syrup
06/ Add the orange zest
07/ Whisk until frothy
08/ Fill a glass with ice
09/ Pour the coffee mixture into the glass
10/ Put 2–3 ice cubes into a shaker
11/ Add the cream
12/ Whisk until frothy
13/ Pour carefully over the coffee
14/ Sprinkle with cinnamon and decorate with the orange zest
15/ Enjoy your coffee!
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